We Believe That No Matter How Broken Your Marriage May Feel....
There are simple things you can do right now, to bring the love back to your life. 

It has been 12 years since that day when Alisa mentioned divorce in our marriage.

Everything we teach we learned during our own journey to save our marriage.

For over a DECADE, we have have helped thousands of couples overcome relationship challenges and create great marriages.

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

Even if....
  • You've tried counseling, or your spouse is unwilling to participate

  • You’re tired of always being the one that initiates conversation, dates, sex

  • You don’t see how your marriage could ever change

  • You’re tired of being lied to and feeling rejected

  • Even If you have fallen out of love with your spouse…..

One Extraordinary marriage podcast has been ranked in the Top Marriage Podcast on iTunes  for 10 years+

We have authored 5 books on relationships including, Amazon Best Seller, 7 Days of Sex Challenge: How to Rock Your Sex Life and Your Marriage! Andy they  been featured here:

We CAN help you turn things around and  experience marriage to the fullest too.

A marriage where you feel wanted, connected and intimate again.

We want to share some of the lessons we have learned that are essential to a healthy thriving marriage. 

Rescue Your Marriage Today, is an online course we have created for you and your spouse that will help you create the marriage you desire.

There is ALWAYS hope, no matter how long you've been married.

You CAN recover from an affair.

You can look at your spouse with RESPECT again.

You will learn through their proven system:

  • How to foster a healthy conversational flow
  • How to handle conflict in your marriage

  • How to understand your spouse like never before

  • The 3 major sticking points that prevent effective communication

  • The 19 straight forward questions you NEED to ask your spouse in order to put the sex back into your relationship

  • How to heal after an emotional affair, the process of setting boundaries and finding the courage to love again after one spouse (or both) have emotionally violated the marriage

  • The Power Of Prayer: cultivating a lifeline between your marriage and God

  • How to get to the root of your relationship with money and uncover all the subtle ways it’s creating tension in your marriage

  • 15 specific questions you need to answer as a couple if you want to stay sane and on the same page about raising kids (no matter how different your parenting styles may be)

  • and more!

Here's what a few couples said after applying what they teach..

"We were at the point of getting serious about changing our marriage or going our separate ways. We didn't want to do traditional therapy, and I was skeptical to work with Alisa. Boy am I glad we did! We got to the CORE of our issues and I can say our marriage has never been stronger. We communicate like never before, our finances are completely transparent and under control, and our sex life is booming. If you are on the fence or think working with Alisa and Tony isn't for you... I promise that if you are committed to making a change THIS is the exact road you should take.Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving our marriage!"

Jeff M.
Married 12 years

"We had gotten to the point that we barely talked and didn't feel connected. We were making it through the day, but it didn't feel like a marriage. After (working with Alisa and Tony), our marriage has never been better! We communicate and work together and we are actually laughing and having fun with each other again! It feels good to see my husband smile again. THANK YOU!"

Ashton G.
Married 7 years
These simple techniques and strategies have helped 1000’s of couples and can work for you too!!

Rescue Your Marriage Today is available online, so you can repair your marriage as quickly and as easily as possible. 

When you sign up you get instant access to
- 8 Masterclass Sessions :      $975

As part of this package you get 57 Step by Step Worksheets.

When you have this tool, you'll be able to..

  • Identify specific marriage-saving actions
  • Move beyond ineffective, hurtful ways of interacting
  • Get your marriage back on track—and keep it there

When you have this tool, you'll be able to get rid of..

  • Past hurts, unforgiveness and rejection
  • Conversations that end in the silent treatment
  • Walking on eggshells around one another 

When we were first figuring this stuff out, we ran into big roadblocks, we didn't now how to repair our marriage, so we had to create these step by step worksheets for ourselves.

Now when we work with couples this shortcuts the time and effort and gets you rapidly heading to a joyful and happy marriage.

You don't have to figure this out for yourselves, we have done the hard work for you and created this easy pathway to follow. 

We are just going to give them to you with this package.

Sounds cool?

These are simple step by step exercises to help you easily find you way and rebuild your marriage.

So you get instant access to ...
- 8 Masterclass Sessions :           $975
- 57 Step by Step Worksheets :   $429

Total Value : $1,404

Sometimes you don't have the time or space to sit and watch videos.

With this course you won't have to, because we are going to give you the audio program as a special bonus.

When you commit today, you're also get access to 65 audio programs so you can listen at anytime throughout your day.

You will get instant access to ...
- 8 Masterclass Session :               $975
- 57 Step by Step Worksheets :     $429
- Masterclass Audio Program :      $487

Total Value : $1,891

Finally, as a special bonus, we have added the 5 Marriage Guides, the step by step principals to keeping your marriage extraordinary.

These guides are the basic handbooks to a healthy marriage, yours free today.

So you get instant access to..

- 8 Masterclass Session :               $975
- 57 Step by Step Worksheets :     $429
- Masterclass Audio Program :      $487
- 5 Marriage Guides :                       $250

Total Value : $2,141

What would a successful and loving marriage be worth to you?

If all this package did was get your marriage healthy and back on track would it be worth $2,000?

Even at $2,500, which is what our private clients pay, it's a great deal.

We began One Extraordinary Marriage to help as many couples as possible which is why we are making it easy for you to Rescue Your Marriage today:

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You will get instant access to all:

  • 65 videos and corresponding downloadable audio files,

  • All associated Worksheets, 

  • Resource links and much more...


This sounds great! But what if my spouse doesn't want to participate?
It is suggested that both partners participate, but ONE partner who is COMMITTED to change can make massive shifts in their marriage.

Even if you’re the only one working through the strategies in Rescue My Marriage Today, your marriage WILL benefit.

One thing is for certain, if no partners are on board, then NO change will happen.And if your partner ever changes their mind, you’ll have access to all the content and worksheets for life.

How do we know if we are ready to join?
Are you ready to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING it takes to save your marriage or make your marriage better than it is now?

If you answered yes, then Rescue My Marriage Today is for you.

What if I can't afford Rescue My Marriage Today?
The way we see it, Rescue My Marriage is an investment. In your marriage, your future, and for your family.

This is not some run of the mill program. We are condensing over a decade of knowledge into 8  weeks that will SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE.

If you can’t afford this program — can you really afford a divorce?

What if I still have more questions about Rescue My Marriage Today?
No problem! We are here to answer your questions and help you overcome any obstacles you may have in trying to join. Email us directly at:

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