A Married Couples Guide to Going From "I Can't" to "I Can" When It Comes to Sexual Intimacy
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Monday, February 18th
5:00 PM Pacific Time
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During This Workshop, You Will:
Discover why "I can" may be the two most powerful words you ever utter in your bedroom. From an early age we are conditioned to say no or I can't. The negative phrases have lead you or your spouse to expect rejection or maybe even to cause it. Learning how to change your language will create an incredible shift away from that rejection.
Learn key differences between the male and female brain and their impact on communication, initiating and romance. How often have you wondered, "Why can't you be more like me?" Or, "why do you expect things to be like this?" well it has a lot more to do with biology than you think. Understanding these differences will equip you to know the best ways to approach your sexual intimacy.
Identify when and where your "I can't" voice shows up. Everyone has that little voice inside their head that starts the negative talk going and it always seems to show up at the wrong time. Understanding when and where it shows up will enable you to create a strategy to silence that voice so that it doesn't impact your sexual intimacy.
Discover your power to replace the inner voice that says you are unable to be intimate to one that says "I can". So many people feel helpless to the scripts that are playing in their heads but it doesn't have to be that way. You do have the power to replace the inner voice with one that builds your marriage and your sexual intimacy.

Includes 2-hour live and recorded workshop, Intimacy Mindset Planner, Intimacy Mindset Challenge Card, and bonus resources.

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The Intimacy Lifestyle Planner (Retail value $9.99)

The Intimacy Lifestyle is the ONE Extraordinary Marriage way of prioritizing sexual intimacy between you and your spouse. Within this 3-page planner you'll have the framework to customize your very own Intimacy Lifestyle that will benefit your marriage. 

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Think beyond what you've thought your marriage could be. You're going to be stretched to set goals for a more meaningful and extraordinary marriage. Within this 5-page action planner, we provide a guide to set up the vision you and your spouse could have for your marriage.

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Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo are sought-after speakers, podcast hosts and coaches on the topics of sex, love and marriage. Their share the hardships and triumphs that they have had in their marriage through their site at ONE Extraordinary Marriage. Through their stories, energy, and passion, they inspire couples to live an extraordinary marriage.

Having dealt with the issues of pornography, financial crisis and child loss, they understand the issues that impact relationships and trust. They work with couples around the world, equipping them with the tools and strategies they need to rebuild broken trust.

Tony & Alisa have been featured on The CW, ESPN Radio, Lifestyle Magazine, Marriage Magazine, MSN Living and are the author of two books Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage and 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Their podcast is consistently #1 in marriage in iTunes with an audience around the world.

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