What Are We About?

We at ONE Extraordinary Marriage are all about partnering with you in your marriage adventure. But you better believe we will challenge you to grow in all areas of your marriage - not just in the bedroom. Just like any good fitness coach will not only cheer you on, but also push you for one more rep, we are here to champion the awesome journey you are on with your spouse.

This club equips you to actively participate in the growth of your marriage. Yes, Tony and Alisa like to talk behind microphones, but there's so much more that we can offer when we connect with you on a more tangible level. Reading a marriage book can be enlightening, but there's something powerful about taking the small steps each day, week, month that over time, transform marriages into what they were designed to be: extraordinary.  

The Position of the Month Club is here to equip you as you journey on with your spouse. Every marriage is unique, and we have a partner level for everyone - choose the one that's best for you.
I didn't know sex with my wife could get this much better!
I only regret it took me so long to be proactive about 
our communication.
The Club goes with us where no one else does: into the nitty gritty, real-life stuff.
I love getting practical tools and inspiration right in my inbox each month! 
Don't stay where you are
when you could get to extraordinary.

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Meet Tony & Alisa
If you met us now, you probably wouldn't guess that our first 10 years of marriage were peppered with doubt, fear, pornography, and debt: we were cut out for divorce (story here). We tried everything, but we found out that as long as we focused on having our spouse meet our own needs, we couldn't be happy. 

Unlike other resources, we're not afraid to get our hands dirty in the tough stuff of today’s marriage challenges. We get it - and we want to help you. Join us, see if we don't provide exactly what you need to take your marriage to the next level. Let us help you create transformation in your marriage.

We believe marriage was designed by God to be a unique, intimate relationship between husband and wife to reflect the unconditional, redeeming love that He has for his children. Our goal is to help marriages thrive and unlock the extraordinary.
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Sex is just sex, right? Wrong. Until I joined the club and did my first sex challenge I had NO IDEA how improving sexual intimacy with my husband could enrich all other areas of our marriage. It was like a key that starting unlocking all sorts of new places that we could explore together. Tough conversations became easier, our dates were more exciting, and we became stronger as a team.
Leigh R, member since 2017
What's Included
Resources to help you across all areas of your marriage
Position Paper
A tastefully designed PDF with a new sexual position along with tips on what to expect and how to make the most of a fresh adventure in (or out of) the bedroom.
Coffee Break
The top-demanded resource ONE offers: guided questions to keep you and your spouse walking in sync on a weekly basis.
Marriage Inspiration
Communication. Sexual Intimacy. Financial conversations. You name it. Each month we will bring you one activity to do with your spouse that will challenge you to grow together.
Shop Discount
Get up to 30% off books, online courses, and other materials in the ONE shop.
Video Chats
Get face-to-face access to Tony and Alisa as they discuss top trends and hot topic issues facing marriages today with the Club.
Weekly Scoop
Receive the show notes, action plans and inside information to your inbox on a weekly basis. Also, have the option to participate in polls and input for future show content!
Online Community
Invitation to join the private Facebook community of folks who can encourage, challenge, and inspire each other to create transformation in their marriages. Hosted by Tony & Alisa.
Marriage Toolbox
All sorts of resources (guides, videos, ideas, inspiration) to guide you through some of marriage's toughest challenges.
My marriage was coasting along just fine -- but I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I wanted to make my marriage extraordinary. After joining the club, my wife and I were unlocking areas of our lives together that made doing life together so much more exciting!
After being married for almost 15 years, my husband and I found ourselves on the brink of divorce.  We wanted totally different things and just didn't think we had anything worth fighting for -- until a friend told us to check out the Position of the Month Club. ONE Extraordinary Marriage helped us to see that we aren't the only ones struggling with challenges, and there is hope in any situation.
My wife and I had very different sexual experience before marriage and the POTMC provided a space for us to discuss how we might grow together in our sexual intimacy. Wow -- the journey has been so much broader than in the bedroom: we've found new friends in the community, discovered common interests and connected emotionally like we haven't since we were dating!
Partnership Levels
Every marriage is unique and we want you to get the resources that would most equip you and your spouse for the adventure ahead of you. So whether you're looking for some fresh ideas for the bedroom, all-out access to everything ONE, or something in between, we've got you covered!
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Ready for a big adventure? It's no time for excuses, invest in your marriage with the all-access membership to everything ONE has to offer and transform your marriage.
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